"In 2002 I had a business license, a need and an idea…I was starting a company called: Alternative Telecom Solutions; ATS for short. But, how would this company be relevant? Be different? Be Successful? All I had known throughout my career, was selling Telecom Hardware and Distribution Services. I mean, there were so many companies in the telecom distribution arena…how could ATS make a difference?

Although I didn’t really know all that it encompassed, I had a strong belief that there was tremendous need for a company that was truly Service-Oriented. You know…putting the Customer First; not profit, not to be ‘internally focused,’ but Customer Focused. I hearkened-back to the type of Customer Service I knew, when growing up in the Midwest. Actually, I thought about the ‘Service Station,’ I worked at when I was a 16 year old boy. OK, it was a Gas Station…but, we called them ‘Service Stations’ back then, because when you drove into one of these stations, you received a level of service that you cannot get anymore. Sure, most every car coming in needed gas…but, what they received was excellent Customer Service. If you wanted, the Service Station Attendant would check your oil, the air in your tires, check the rest of your fluid levels and clean your windows. Nowadays, most Gas Station employees sit behind Bulletproof glass and take your Credit Card when you slide it in the gap under the window.


So, I was convinced that ATS would provide the ‘Old-Fashioned Service’ that I grew up providing at that Service Station, so many years ago. At ATS we treat others the way we want to be treated! We put People before Profit. We ‘under-commit & over-deliver.’ We do the ‘Right Thing’ when nobody’s looking. Yes, providing Old-Fashioned Service, in the High Tech World of Wireless Communications is not the norm…but it’s in the DNA of ATS!

- Sam Magro